The January 2018 update (5.1) will be released on Thursday, January 18th. During the upgrade, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged-in users at noon PST.

Google Calendar App

This new app allows you to display a Google calendar on any page of your site. The app allows district admins to publish Google calendars to district or school sites. Teachers can publish Google calendars on a class, group or public site.

Student Portfolio Grade Sync

Student Portfolio grades are now automatically synced nightly from your Student Information System. Once synced, portfolios grades must be edited from your Student Information System. If a matching portfolio grade is not found the student's grade can still be manually set by any teacher. The feature requires SIS Data Sync configured for your Student Information System.

Student Portfolio Enhancements

  • Edit Batch Posts - You can now edit and delete previously created portfolio posts sent to multiple students. Editing a batch post will overwrite any student changes. Deleting a batch will delete all copies including student changes. This feature only applies to new posts created after the update.
  • Move Between Batch Posts - Jump between posts from different students who received the same batch post. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts  - Quickly move between posts using the left and right arrow keys. Use the angle bracket keys < > to navigate between batch posts.
  • Unsaved Changes - If you navigate away from a portfolio post without saving your changes you will now receive a warning.

System Dashboard Enhancements

  • IT and support staff can now see a list of active, pending, and closed Scholantis support tickets in your System Dashboard. IT staff can see current system issues and access a history of previous system issues. You can ask questions, report issues or respond to existing requests.
  • System Dashboard also now displays status and up-time of Office Online and ADFS services. If you don't see this information please contact, we will require a dedicated monitoring service account for these services.

Other Changes & Technical Notes

  • Site Deleted Notification - All site owners now receive an email notice when a site they own or co-own is deleted. Does not apply to school, district or department sites.
  • Custom Facebook Share Logo - Any site can now have a custom Facebook share logo. If no custom logo is present the default district Facebook logo is used. From the Style Library in your Site Contents add an image called 'ogImage.png' inside the Image folder.