A minor update will be released on Thursday, May 2nd. During the update, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time.

A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged-in users at noon PST.

Google Maps Update

Due to a change in the Google Maps Service we are releasing an update to the Google Maps feature. The Google Maps feature is most commonly used on the website Contact Us page and this change means that a marker pin will no longer display on the map.

Facebook Update

Due to Facebook policy and API changes the Scholantis Facebook app is currently not able to display Facebook feeds. 

We are working to update the app to meet the new Facebook changes and will let you know when it becomes available. Please use the Facebook Page Plugin as a temporary replacement and contact us if you have any questions on how to use the plugin on your website or portal.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Custom List View image attachment preview now renders the Attachement file name as the text alternate (alt) attribute for accessibility compliance.
  • Parent's notification subscription state for the Parent Portal is now displayed in the System Dashboard.
  • Resolved rare issue when importing data from PowerSchool.
  • Fixed minor style issue in Portfolio export dialog.