The May 2019 update (6.0) is now available. 

SharePoint 2019 Support

We are excited to announce support for Microsoft SharePoint 2019 (the system Scholantis tools are built on). Scholantis 6.0 brings your portal closer to the cloud and Office 365 while allowing you to keep sensitive information inside your school.

In addition to the many enhancements in SharePoint 2019 you will find a more consistent and connected experience between your portal and Office 365

App Launcher & Suite Bar - Use the redesigned suite bar and app launcher to quickly navigate between your portal, Office 365 or other school technologies.

OneDrive - Use the new OneDrive sync client to sync files from document libraries with your devices.

The file path length limit has been increased to 400 characters. Now # and % characters are supported in file and folder names. The OneDrive sync client supports advanced features such as Files On-Demand, push notification, and IRM protection.

Increased file sizes - Files up to 15 GB are now supported in SharePoint document libraries, up from 10 GB in SharePoint Server 2016.

Fast site creation - Fast site creation allows users create new sites in a few seconds. Only supported for OneDrive personal sites, modern team sites & communication sites.

Integration with PowerApps, Power BI and MS Flow - Use process automation and forms technologies like PowerApps and Flow to connect with your on-premises data (requires additional gateway setup).

Hybrid Features - A new hybrid status bar was added to the top of Central Administration and gives you direct access to launch the SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard. 

Learn more about enhancements in SharePoint 2019 Server.

SharePoint 2019 includes new modern experiences such as modern team sites, lists and page authoring. These experiences are available to but are not incorporated in the Scholantis portal or website design. Sites using modern features will function as expected but the navigation and design of these sites will be entirely separate.

Did you know about System Dashboard?

If you support other users in your district or school, or you're an IT administrator, check out out the System Dashboard. If you don't have access get in touch with the Scholantis support team