The August 2019 update (6.1) will be released on Thursday, August 22nd. During the upgrade, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged-in users at noon PST.

Portfolio Quick Search

Search the title or text of posts to quickly find specific posts. For teachers, the search will persist between students to let you quickly navigate to similar posts for different students. This provides a flexible way to organize or group posts using keywords. Note: Embedded documents or PDF files are not included in the quick search. 

Copy all assignments to portfolios

Quickly copy all student assignment submissions to each student’s respective portfolio. Teacher’s can see whether a submission has previously been sent to a portfolio and copying all assignments will not create duplicates.

Links & Emojis in Comments

Enhanced comments for assignment submissions, portfolio reflections and blog comments:

  • Easily add emojis to comments using the built in emoji picker for assignment submissions, portfolio reflections and blog comments.
  • Links and URLs included in comments are now clickable to make it easy to link to related content or information.

Portfolio Recycle Bin

Students, teachers and administrators can now easily recover accidentally deleted portfolio posts. Posts are available for up to 30 days after being deleted.

Portfolio Post Versions

Quickly see and restore previous versions of portfolio posts. Teachers or students can see who made a change and recover content accidentally deleted by restoring a previous version of a portfolio post.

Portfolio Batch Post Editing

Teachers can now edit the title, publish dates, lock state, and tags of a portfolio batch post without affecting student content. This lets teachers do things like lock all posts at once when students are done working on a batch post, or modify the tags of all posts without accidentally clearing student specific content.

Hide Class / Group Sites

Hide class or group sites to organize your list and clear out ones that you currently aren't using. For teachers, this also hides the classes from your public site so that parents don't see classes you aren't actively maintaining this year.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Added assignment setting for teachers to allow students to take back a submitted assignment after the due date
  • Parent email subscribed state now appears in the system dashboard
  • Administrators can now queue portfolio/blog/public sites for creation for individual users in the system dashboard
  • Fixed a memory leak issue in the Newsletter management view
  • Locking a portfolio post no longer removes read permissions on documents for students when a parent views the post
  • Parents can no longer see portfolio posts that are pending background processing
  • Teachers who are also logged in as parents no longer have issues with portfolio commenting
  • Media gallery videos now play correctly when the album title contains a comma
  • Media gallery now renders correctly when it contains more than 5000 items
  • Fixed an issue where SharePoint list filtering does not work on the first click due to a routing conflict

Did you know about System Dashboard?

If you support other users in your district or school, or you're an IT administrator, check out out the System Dashboard. If you don't have access get in touch with the Scholantis support team.