The April 2020 update (6.3) for Scholantis SharePoint on-prem will be released on Thursday, April 2nd. During the upgrade, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged-in users at noon PST.

Assignments Tagging

Assignments can now be tagged using the same tags available in portfolio! In order to see the assignment tagging options, the portfolio feature must be enabled in the class site that the assignment is in.

When an assignment submission is copied to a portfolio, the tags will now carry over as well.

Student Blogs in Parent Portal

Parents can now view their students' blog posts in addition to their portfolio posts in the parent portal. Parents can view posts and comment on them in the same way as portfolios.

Site Report

Administrators can now view a weekly report containing various information about every site in the SharePoint farm. The reports are available in the System Dashboard under the Content section and the reports are generated every Sunday.

Site Diagnostics

Individual site diagnostics information is now available in the System Dashboard. You can search for and view various diagnostics information about each site to help troubleshoot issues that your users are having.

Instagram App Discontinued

Due to changes in app policies by Instagram, the Scholantis Instagram app is no longer supported. The app will cease to display any feed information as of March 31st when Instagram's updated policies go into effect. As of this release, the app will also stop functioning entirely and can be removed from the page. Please consider using a third party solution to continue to display Instagram feeds on your website or portal and reach out to us if you need any assistance embedding solutions onto your pages.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Resolved an issue where exporting an assignment with '#' in the title would fail
  • Resolved an issue where portfolio batch post navigation would fail if one of the students is no longer a valid user
  • Assignments index view now requests submission data sequentially to avoid overwhelming the server
  • Updated Edsby news integration to work with Edsby authentication change
  • Unfollowing a site will now also unhide the site to prevent conflict
  • Portfolio posts, assignments, and blog posts title max length is now 255
  • Announcements will no longer show an attachment icon by default if an image is attached to an announcement
  • Resolved an issue in SharePoint 2019 where the Page tab sometimes disappears from the ribbon
  • Custom List View webparts now truncate the list of selectable site collections for performance