The August 2020 update (6.4) for Scholantis SharePoint on-prem will be released on Thursday, August 13th. During the upgrade, your sites will be unavailable for a few minutes at 5:00 pm local time. A maintenance notice will be displayed to logged-in users at noon PST.

Portfolio Bulk Export Support

Portfolios can now be exported in bulk with a PowerShell script. The exported portfolios will be saved in a local directory on the SharePoint server. This can be useful to retire old portfolio sites for students who have graduated and will no longer be active in the district.

Please contact us and we can help build a script to target the portfolios you need to export.

In-Browser Audio Recording for Portfolio Posts

You can now record audio directly from the browser on your device when creating a portfolio post as long as you have a microphone available.

Other Fixes & Enhancements

  • Portfolio comments no longer sends notifications to former teachers
  • Replaced OOTB SharePoint embed video player with mediaelements.js to avoid Silverlight prompt
  • Archived assignments are no longer reachable by student users
  • Site report now includes a column indicating public accessibility of the site
  • Added option to hide student account names in class Shared Documents student folders
  • Removed app banner
  • Portfolio export button is now hidden on mobile browsers
  • Fixed issue where uploading a photo to a Portfolio post from the Android app would result in a file name with no extension
  • Fixed regression where Portfolio post cancel processing button did not work
  • Fixed regression where assignment drafts were not being correctly counted
  • Fixed regression where assignment attachment download links lead to an invalid page
  • Fixed regression where assignment copy did not copy attachments
  • Notification emails to parents are now throttled to avoid overwhelming the mail server
  • Notification clean up job no longer fails on large queries
  • Fixed issue where notification preference corruption prevents notifications from being sent
  • Fixed issue where emails from User Directory contact form fails to send in some server environments
  • Fixed portal navigation style issue where it truncates after 15 items
  • Fixed calendar print view accessibility issues
  • Fixed issue where media gallery caption was too dark when editing in SharePoint 2016 and 2019
  • Throttled site creation and video encoding operations to avoid resource usage during high server utilization
  • Site information render control optimization to reduce SQL calls
  • Reduced unnecessary site index retrieval for overall system memory optimization