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The Scholantis SIS Data Sync for MyEducation BC functionality is currently in beta. The guide below is pre-release information and subject to change.

Enhanced Class Information adds the following fields:

  • 4 additional fields – Primary teacher indicator, Class ID, Schedule Expression, Enrollment Max.
  • If there is more than one teacher assigned to the class, then a row will be created for each teacher.

These changes allows co-teachers the same access to classes in Scholantis.

Configure Enhanced Class Information in MyEd

  1. Under the Tools tab, add a new export job.
  2. Locate the Class Information - Enhanced option (under the Accident Information list at the time of writing).
  3. Create the export job and record the name of the file. The file should be exported to the same location as the rest of the files.
  4. Send us a support request at support@scholantis.com with the name of the file included.

Job setup notes:

  • Settings - Use the default names and settings for each job.
  • Headings - Include headings must be enabled.
  • Start Time - Specify a time of 10pm to ensure exported files are created prior to the automated transfer to the SFTP site at 12am.
  • Schedule - Configure the job to 'Weekly' and select every day. Specify a start and end date for the job.
  • Destinations - Specify the saved file name for each job, preferably no spaces.

Sync Duration

SIS Data Sync validates each user's Active Directory properties when it runs nightly. If the mapped Active Directory attributes (e.g. employeeNumber) are not indexed in Active Directory the Sync job can run extremely slowly, depending on the numbers of objects and the performance of your Active Directory servers. Learn which Active Directory attributes are indexed by default: MSDN - Indexed Attributes.

We recommend the attributes used for mapping are indexed in Active Directory to significantly speed up the SIS Data Sync job and reduce load on your Active Directory servers. This can reduce the SIS Data Sync duration from hours to minutes and will be required in large environments to ensure SIS Data Sync Completes within a reasonable time frame. Further reading on TechNet - How to Index an Attribute in Active Directory and TechNet Blogs - Indexing in Active Directory.