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System Administrator can manage storage limits for OneDrive sites using a Site Quota Template. OneDrive sites are part of a users overall personal site and by default SharePoint creates a Personal Site Quota.

Modify Individual Users OneDrive Storage Limit

  • Open the SharePoint Central Administration website and navigate to the Application Management page.
  • Select Configure Quotas and locks.
  • Select the site collection drop down. 
  • Confirm that the web application is set to the portal (e.g. https://portal.district.com).
  • Use the URL search to find the personal site of the user (e.g. /my/personal/<username>)
  • Once the Site Collection is selected, open Current quota template select box, and choose the desired template and apply.

The OneDrive site will now have the new quota template and storage space settings.

We strongly recommend assigning a pre-configured quota template and not specifying individual quota. Quota templates are much easier to maintain than individual site storage limits.