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As a result of the breach involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica there have been service interruptions with the Scholantis Facebook and Instagram apps. We are working to assess the situation but anticipate further interruptions may occur in the coming weeks. We are unable to provide details when these may happen, Facebook have not disclosed details about the outages or coming changes. 

As Facebook provide further information or updates to their platform we will determine next steps as quickly as possible. We do expect changes to Facebook and Instagram integration in the near future and a Scholantis update may be required in the coming weeks.

Facebook do provide information regarding their platform status, at this time it does not include details on which services are affected or how long we can expect this situation to continue. We will post further information on the Scholantis docs site as it becomes available, you will also receive an email notice before your sites are updated.

Situation History

  • 21 March 2018 - Initial service outage reported and source identified as Facebook API outage.
  • 21 March 2018 - Facebook API service restored, Facebook posts information regarding audit and investigation.
  • 22 March 2018 - Scholantis customers notified about potential further interruptions. Investigation ongoing.