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Below is a glossary of terms to help you understand common names for various Scholantis and SharePoint objects and items. It's also a useful language reference when discussing issues with Scholantis Support or other users.

Created based on feedback from our Saskatoon User Group we have created a glossary of terms. We're still working on it so check back later!

Web Apps

A web application is a group of many site collection such as a portal or website

Example URL: http://www.district.com, https://portal.district.com

Site Collection (Site)

A collection of sites which restrict the sharing of content and limit security access.

Example: A class, group, school or department is stored in a site collection.

Example URL: http://www.district.com/school/beechhigh, https://portal.district.com/group/dfgh2g

Sub-site (Site)

A sub area within your site collection. It's helpful to create a sub-site if you need special navigation or access for specific users.

Example: A school might have a sub-site for specific content.

Example URL: http://www.district.com/about, http://www.district.com/school/beechhigh/about


Like a spreadsheet that contains rows and columns of information. You can customise the columns for each list.

Example URL: http://www.district.com/school/beechhigh/lists/news/


You can customise the columns for each library.

Example URL: http://www.district.com/school/beechhigh/documents

App (Web Part)Apps, sometimes described as Web Parts, provide features and functions on your page.