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October 15th 2020

SharePoint CU Monitoring

While we have always vetted each new SharePoint Cumulative Update before recommending them to you, we are now actively monitoring the version of SharePoint CU that is installed on your SharePoint farms.

We have already been bringing many of your servers up to the latest vetted CU over the past weeks. If your servers are not yet up to date we will be getting to these soon. If you have any questions or concerns around this improved process please reach out to our team.

Going forward, when our monitoring detects any discrepancies in what is installed on your servers and the latest update that we recommend, we will let you know and help you resolve any issues as soon as possible.

Scholantis Mobile App Deprecation

Thanks to many major enhancements in mobile browsers in the last few years, the mobile experience for Scholantis is now superior to what we have been offering over the Scholantis Portal mobile app. As a result, we will now be focusing development resources on the web experience only.

We plan to remove the mobile app from the app store for both iOS and Android by the end of this year. If the app is already installed on your device, it will continue to function as-is. However, the experience will continue to degrade over time as new updates to iOS and Android reduce compatibility.

We recommend placing a shortcut link to your portal on your home screen to get to the portal quickly from now on.