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We are excited to announce the Scholantis Portal update coming in mid-May will include a secure parent portal. The parent portal allows teachers to invite parents to access student portfolios so they can view and comment on posts. Parents can also see a student's class sites and see upcoming assignments. 

Important note for all Teachers (please share in advance)

The rollout of the Parent Portal means the existing Parent Subscriptions feature will no longer be available. After the update teachers will need to invite parents using the new secure registration process in order for parents to continue receiving email notifications.

Parents will receive an email invite with a link and a registration code. A simple registration process allows parents to verify their account and associate their children using a number of security questions. When signed in, parents can quickly see what’s changed on their child's portfolio and can control whether to receive email notifications. Watch the video to learn more about the registration process.

We also want to thank everyone who contributed to the design of the parent portal. We’ve worked to ensure parents and teachers have an easy to use system. For more details on the registration process and security features see the Parent Portal Administrator guide.

Watch the Parent Portal Intro Video