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The SIS Integrated Classes feature which uses Active Directory groups is now deprecated and no longer actively maintained. For integration with your Student Information System we can now integrate directly using Scholantis SIS Data Sync. SIS Data Sync provides a much richer simpler user experience, and is much easier to setup and maintain for IT professionals:

Scholantis Portal Edition includes functionality to integrate your Student Information System using Active Directory security groups.

Providing AD security groups for each class enables the easy creation of class room sites which are automatically associated with students and teachers. Teachers can easily create class sites and students are provided with personalized class lists, assignments and announcements.

Active Directory Security Groups

To enable easy class site creation AD Security Groups are required for each class in the following format:

Contains              Example

The TC_ and SC_ prefixes are used along with a matching and unique class ID suffix (e.g. 12345678) used to identify the teacher(s) for a class (e.g. Domain\TC_12345678) and the related students (e.g. Domain\SC_12345678).

These groups can be stored in a single OU or separately. The AD group name IDs must be alphanumeric and a fixed character length (we recommend seven character numeric strings).

Group Naming

Consideration should also be given to appropriate display names which must be added to the displayName attribute of each class AD security group. Well thought out descriptive names will make it easy for teachers to differentiate between classes.

Here is a sample display name format for your class security groups:

  • Birch Secondary - Drama: Film & Television 11 - Section 1 - Semester 1 (2011 - 2012)
  • <School> – <Class> – <Block/Section> – <Semester> – <Year>

IBM School Connect

Customers using IBM School Connect have the ability to automatically create and maintain the necessary AD security groups. You may even be already be using this functionality for other systems such as Moodle.

UMRA: User Account Management Software

User Management Resource Administrator (UMRA) is a complete User Management System that simplifies Active Directory Management across all your systems. A number of customers have used it to automate the creation of class AD security groups.