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Our current pilots have seen great adoption and success. Encouraged by this, we continue to improve Student Portfolios. If you're using Scholantis on SharePoint 2013 we can enable Student Portfolios right now. 

Below are common questions asked during our Q & A sessions. If you have any further questions please get in touch. There's no cost to enable Student Portfolios or run a pilot. We are committed to supporting your pilot users and listening to their feedback.

Export or Migrate Portfolios

Portfolios are based on a blog format so you can subscribe, access and export content using standard RSS functionality. The ability to export is a core feature and something we're committed to improving, it's crucial to provide portfolios that can go beyond a students' K-12 learning.

Adding Students

It's easy to add students to a class. You can easily paste a list of students' from Word or Excel. You can also use student groups from your Student Information System if they exist in your Active Directory.


We have a three pronged approach to storage: control, content and storage.

  • Control - You can control allowed file types, individual file size, and overall portfolios size. We provide reports on portfolio size and usage. We also monitor usage and storage space as part of our support process.
  • Content - Right now images are scaled and compressed to appropriate size (as well as auto-rotated). In the future, we also expect to address video files to ensure they are stored in an efficient and compact format.
  • Storage - We've created storage offloading technology to allow large files (currently only images) to be stored on cheap, mass storage devices, or cloud services such as Microsoft Azure at very affordable prices.

Moving Schools & Multiple Teachers

The portfolio is associated to a student and will follow them as they progress through grades or move schools. Teachers can quickly add or remove students at any time. A student's portfolio can also belong to multiple teachers. Student Portfolios can be migrated between Scholantis clients.


We are working closely with our pilot districts to get feedback and continue improving the solution. Our current focus is making it easy for teachers and students to create and view content on any device, tablet or smartphone.

  • Streamlined content creation experience.
  • Integration with Office Online to easily create and view documents in the browser.
  • A timeline to allow teachers an easy way to see what's happening in their student's portfolios.

If there's anything stopping you please let us know, we're dedicated to making portfolios a great solution! 

You can also see our original notice for more information about Student Portfolios or see our online Portfolio user guide.