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Scholantis Student Portfolios allow students to create collections of documents, presentations, blog posts, or other media (e.g. photographs, videos, certificates, rubrics or assignments). A portfolio is much more than a digital scrapbook. It allows students to create a purposeful collection of their work that demonstrates their efforts, progress, and achievements. 


 Student portfolios can be shared with teachers to evaluate progress or used to demonstrate learning outcomes, competencies and skill growth over time. In addition to being an assessment tool,  they can be used to showcase student accomplishments, or to engage parents in student learning. Reflection plays a critical role in the development of an effective portfolio which are most commonly used in the following ways:

  • Record of Work - A timeline of current and past work. Students reflect on and take ownership of their learning, creating a record of their accomplishments over time. 
  • Showcase - Samples of students' best work, sometimes used for secondary education or gaining employment. Students reflect on past achievement.
  • Assessment - Demonstrates that a student has met specific learning goals. Students reflect on specific outcomes or define future learning goals.

What are the benefits?

Here are some of the many reasons teachers think they are an important learning tool:

  • Portfolios are a powerful record of students' reflection and learning. 
  • They involve a process of self-reflection and personal growth. 
  • By encouraging communication, collaboration, creativity, innovation, problem solving and critical thinking, students develop skills essential for 21st Century life. Portfolios also serve as a record of their mastery. 
  • Using tools that develop computer literacy, students are more engaged in their learning. Particularly content they themselves can create and share.
  • It's an opportunity for students to build their own digital identity.
  • Developing a portfolio incorporates many different tools such as online research and other digital tools to create, manage and reflect on their work. They not only build critical thinking skills, but the technical skills employers expect.
  • It allows students and teachers to share their work with parents and administrators.

Our solution

Originally created for our pilot school district in 2013, we've seen incredible user adoption and sustained use from teachers and students. With a defined roadmap, it's a solution that gets better and better all the time. Whether it's great tablet and smartphone support, the editing experience, or easily showcasing work, we're constantly enhancing and refining the solution based on user feedback.

Want to know more?

If you already have a Scholantis Portal you'll be able to pilot Scholantis Student Portfolios at no cost; it can be setup in minutes.

To learn more get in touch now to arrange a walkthrough and discussion.