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With many of you starting to think about September we put together a summary of a few new features.

We encourage you to share this message with teachers interested in adopting new tools into their class room for the coming school year.

If you haven't visited the portal recently you'll want to check out the new teacher tools. We keep making them better!

Assignments 2.0

Assignments have been completely re-imagined to make teachers' lives easier, and help students focus on learning, not technology:

You'll find an experience which resembles a process teachers are already familiar with, but also incorporates tools to support both blended and formative approaches to learning:

  • Quickly create assignments using text, documents, images, audio or video.
  • Automatically distribute assignments to students. Provide each student with a handout or let them create their own content.
  • Track student progress and interact with them during the process.
  • Painlessly collect, review and assess student work. Quickly get grade summaries for each assignment.

Student Portfolios

Since being launched 18 months ago Student Portfolios have gone from strength to strength. Teachers across the Canada have been doing great things:

  • Engaging parents and integrating student works into the parent teacher interview process.
  • Creating a rich record of work which students and teachers can access throughout their time in K-12.
  • Helping students at risk by with alternative teaching approaches and evidence based assessment.

Here's just a few of the new features now available to help you teach your students:

  • Use a tablet, smartphone or desktop computer to view posts, take photos or record a video.
  • Document previews let you read student work right in your browser.
  • Drag and drop files, add categories, favorite and lock posts or use comments to discuss student work.

My Site & My Classes

We've made it easy to find and access your classes and groups. The My Site still shows a list of sites you've created or are following, but you can also now search for other sites by name or owner. 

In addition to a new look, the class list now highlights upcoming assignments; assignments are always just a click away!

OK, OK, I'm Convinced!

To get started simply login to your My Site to create a class or update an existing one.

If you're need help or have questions check out the resources below:

  • Scholantis User Guide - Learn about the powerful tools available to you right now.
  • Excel Surveys - Create simple surveys and quizzes for students.
  • Student Folders - Co-author and co-create documents with students.
  • Twitter - Add the Twitter app to your class to bring the conversation into your class.
  • Class Blog - Create a class blog!
  • Mailing List - Keep in touch with parents or students by email. Available on your Public Site from Manage Site.

If there's anything stopping you we'd like to hear from you - feedback@scholantis.com.