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Following on from last year's initiatives around SharePoint 2013, mobile & tablet support, portfolios and online forms, we've been busy working on a few things we'd like to tell you about...

SharePoint 2013 Upgrades

We've put together a SharePoint 2013 upgrade guide to help you understand the process and what's involved. Get in touch now to arrange a walkthrough and discussion of Scholantis 4.0 and SharePoint 2013.

Here are a few highlights you'll want to check out:

  • Responsive design - access your website or portal on a phone, tablet or desktop. It all works in a way that's designed for the device you want to use.
  • Dropbox like syncing - Use Office 2013 or OneDrive for Business (formerly SkyDrive Pro) to Sync documents. Work on Windows, Macs, iPad or iPhone.
  • Office Online (formerly Office Web Apps) - let's you edit documents in the browser. In our experience it works as well or better than Google Docs.
  • Cross browser support - greatly improved document and site editing in Safari, Chrome and Firefox on a PC or a Mac.
  • Search - you'll find a more efficient experience with better accuracy, automatic filters and item previews.
  • Faster Content - Templates for common content makes creating and maintaining your sites much easier. For example, if you need a contact page or a school directory, they are now built right in.

Authentication & Single Sign On

Microsoft TMG/ISA (Threat Management Gatway) and UAG (Unified Access Gateway) products have been discontinued and are now in sustained support. While very much a technology initiative we're working to address some important issues related to user authentication:

  • Provide a suitable alternative to TMG & UAG for user authentication.
  • Deliver a more comprehensive MS Office integration in comparison to TMG & UAG.
    The goal is to resolve Outlook calendars Office document editing issues.
  • Provide an improved single sign on experience between on premise and Office 365.
  • Complete support for Claims based authentication. Allow other providers such as Windows Live ID, Google or Facebook by enabling OAuth/SAML authentication, with one of the ultimate goals being to allow parent authentication using a Windows Live identity. 
  • Provide a migration path to Claims based authentication for existing customers.

Scalability & Site Discovery

To support the aggregation of news and assignments from thousands of sites, we've been continuing to focus on performance and scalability. Our most recent AD performance improvements had caused a few problems. While the issues were promptly fixed, we'll be working to prevent issues of that nature from re-occurring. 

Anything Else?

We'll continue to enhance your sites in hundreds of other ways, here's a few you can expect to see soon:

  • Blogs - Simple to use blogs for classes & groups. Security permissions will be setup automatically so comments won't be available publicly. Students and team members will be able to easily and safely collaborate in private. We'll continue to reduce the complexity of using SharePoint and increase user satisfaction. 
  • Design Customization & Themes - We'll be adding more options to let users personalize their sites even more. Expect to see custom backgrounds. We've really enjoyed seeing the crazy logos users have already been adding to their sites.
  • Easy buttons - Can you ever have too many? Probably, but we'll continue streamlining SharePoint and providing contextual shortcuts to make managing your sites easier and more intuitive. We just added easy sub site creation when using the site directory feature.
  • Monitoring - We'll be bringing online new monitors for search services, user profile service, health analyzer and disk space. We're continuing to become more proactive in our support; we're really serious about ensuring users get the best possible experience.
Our website was getting a little dated so we've updated it to better reflect the organisation we are today. You won't be surprised to hear it's built with mobile devices at the forefront! Check out the new scholantis.com

As always, we're keen to hear how you're getting on, listen to your feedback and what you'd like to see in the future. Perhaps you were hoping to hear that we're working on a new feature you really need. If so, please let us know.