The school logo displays on the top of the entire school site collection. Scholantis normally optimizes logos for you. Should you decide you'd like to change the logo yourself, do the following.

Before you begin keep in mind the following:

  • Your logo file must be a PNG file, named LogoHeader.png.

  • Your logo cannot be more than 100-200 pixels high. 
  • There is no exact pixel width, but if the image is too wide, it could break the design of your site.

To update your school logo:

  • From the school home page, click SETTINGS then select Site Contents.
  • In the Site Contents, click the Style Library:

  • In the Style Library, click the Image folder to open it.

  • On your own computer, open the folder you have stored your new LogoHeader.png file.

  • With your mouse, drag that file over to the Images folder on your site.
  • A dialog box displays, letting you know that a file with that name already exists: 

  • Click the Replace It button.
  • Your new LogoHeader.png file will be uploaded and published. 
  • Click the Home link to return to your home page.


It may take a few minutes for your cache to clear and the new logo to display on your site.