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  • Help! - New contextual help links and content for Site Settings and System Dashboard. Essential reading for questions about Student Information or Parent Subscriptions.
  • Creating Assignments - A warning message displays when the assigned on and due dates provide an unusually short time frame for students.
  • Printed Assignment Summaries - Printed student summaries now include the student's name.
  • Facebook Share Links - When sharing a link on Facebook, they can now be posted on Facebook Pages.
  • Custom List View New Filters & Sort Options - The number of available filters has been increased from 2 to 4. A secondary sort option is now available.
  • Edsby App Enhanced - Added support to exclude 'Internal Only' posts. Enabled by default.
  • Improved Delete Site Page - The delete site page has been redesigned and makes it more obvious if you're deleting a site or a sub-site.
  • Parent Subscriptions - Various interface improvements and confirmation messages when sending invites.
  • Calendar Subscriptions on Android - Fixes to improve support for iCal subscriptions on Android devices.
  • Twitter - Improvements to handle retweets.
  • Send Feedback - Various fixes and improvements when taking screenshots.
  • Access Settings - Various improvements to information and error messages. Useful when students imported from SIS Data Sync are experiencing issues.
  • Gallery - Fixed issue where system region settings could prevent editing.
  • Document Previews - Improved handling of document previews when an Office Online server is not installed.
  • System Dashboard Content Summary - Pre-created sites used for fast site creation are now excluded separated from the total site count.
  • Featured Stories New Images - New high resolution default images are now used (new sites only).
  • Notification Settings - When viewing notification settings, Posts has been renamed to Blog to improve usability.