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Parents will receive an email invite with a link and a registration code. A simple registration process allows parents to verify their account and associate to the child using a number of security questions. When signed in, parents can see what’s new on their child's portfolio and can control whether to receive email notifications. Watch the video to learn more about the registration process. Once registered, parents can see and comment on all posts in their child's portfolio, including other teachers.. Teachers can moderate parent comments just as they can with student comments.

In addition to the parent portal there's also a variety of other improvements to Student Portfolios:

  • Parent Registration - Use the new Parents section from the Settings in your Class site to invite and manage parents parent access to your student's portfolios.
  • Parent Visibility Date - You choose when a parent has access to a portfolio post. When the date arrives they will receive an email notification.
  • Read Markers - Posts that have changed since you last read them are highlighted with an orange glow. Students, teachers or parents can quickly see what's changed in a portfolio.
  • Parent View Tracking - When viewing a post you , teachers can see a list of parents who have viewed and a post and when.
  • Tagging Improvements - The tagging and filtering interface has been enhanced to be more obvious and easy to use. Tags are still managed centrally, custom tags for individual grades or schools are also available.
  • Move Post to Grade - Teachers can move individual portfolio posts to another grade from the Edit menu.
  • Widescreen View - When viewing posts on a large screen comments will display next to the post. For small screens they still appear below the post.
  • Editing Improvements - Various improvements to improve the editing experience, make sure you save your content and work on small especially on smaller screens.

For technical details on the registration process and security features see the Parent Portal Administrator guide.


  • OneNote Support - Improved support forOneNote for OneNote on Mac , iOS and Android (dependent on your specific district or school).
  • Mobile App Homepage - It's now possible to customise the default homepage in the mobile app for your district or school. Contact Support to customise the page for your organisation.
  • Authentication Improvements - Various enhancements to improve the logout experience on all devices.
  • Google Calendar App - Site publishers can now add the Google Calendar app to a site.
  • Newsletter From Address - 
  • Tons of other fixes and small enhancements!