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Projects involving electronic forms and process automation typically provide the highest return and the biggest gains in productivity. In fact, we believe many of you already see huge value in automated forms but simply don’t have the resources, budget or strategy to start such an initiative. The massive environmental and cost benefits are clear, as are the benefits to staff, teachers, students and parents.

How are we going to help?

Any well executed project starts with a plan. You likely already have some ideas so we work with you to identify a simple and straightforward form project, the proverbial dipping of toes in the water. Then over time as you develop a strategy, based on your own real world experience, you can focus on the areas where you’ll get the most benefit. 

These initial projects are deliberately easy and painless. We use your existing technology (SharePoint, InfoPath and Workflow) to provide the basis for other forms. We want you to use our experience to start on the right path, and build buy-in from stakeholders and users.

Learn how forms improve the working life of staff

Shannon is our electronic forms specialist, she lives and breathes InfoPath and wants to have a conversation with you. We'll explain some of our previous projects and a provide you a good idea on how to get started.
We’ve helped clients implement solutions for administration, surveys, registration and online booking. Recent examples include excursion forms, budget forms, workshop registrations, and curriculum surveys.

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We can work with you to…

  • Create Forms – We work with you to gather requirements, design forms, configure workflows, and setup permissions as needed.
  • Create & Learn – We create a form for you and when it’s finished teach you the process used to create it. InfoPath forms are created in a Word like editor and no coding is required for all but the most complex of scenarios.
  • Consult – Book time by the hour for small projects or if you just need help with certain features. Maybe you need a simple survey created or have created a form but need some advice.

Yes You Can…

  • View submissions in real-time with just a web browser.
  • Expect faster, more error free completion of forms using auto population, calculation and validation of fields.
  • Integrate Active Directory information to further improve the form experience.
  • Easily manipulate or export data from SharePoint to Excel.
  • Automate the processing of forms using workflow. From a simple email notification to complex routing and approval.


We want to encourage our clients to work together so we are asking to share your investment with other schools and districts across Canada. While each form will be customized, sharing forms will provide a great starting point and value to the whole community.