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We’ve built (and delivered) so many great things this year: Mobile & tablet support. Staff websites. A whole new platform in SharePoint 2013. Whether you’re new to Scholantis or you’ve been with us since 2007, it thrills us to bring you fresh new ways to help staff, teachers and students. Thanks for all your support and feedback! 

2013 has seen Scholantis complete a shift away from being a portal and website technology provider to a company driven by our users. We've been obsessing over adoption and engagement of your users, it's something that's hard to win and easily lost. It's the reason we've focused on continuous improvement andquality.

Improvements, Transparency & Predictability

While we're more excited than ever about our future, as an owner I'm incredibly proud of our achievements this year, here's a few highlights: 

  • Patch Tuesday was created to ensure your site stays relevant to the needs of your users. It's the key to delivering new requirements to your portal in an efficient and predictable way; we've delivered 8 major updates (and 8 minor ones) this year. Check out all the features Patch Tuesday brought to you in 2013.
  • The electronic forms projects we've been doing with many of you this year have significantly improved adoption and portal usage. We wanted you to realise the value in the tools you already have.
  • Improved mobile and tablet support was a critical part of our strategy this year. We've made massive strides around mobile with this week's 4.0 release. It's night and day looking back twelve months ago, it has required a total rethink of how we design and implement. You'll be able to check it out soon on the 4.0 demo site.
  • portfolio solution has been on our wish list for a long time and we've created a incredibly compelling ePortfolio solution. Expect more details next year.

Quality, Testing & Monitoring

We've massively expanded our quality assurance and support services this year. We're striving to create a compelling experience in every way; not just in using your sites but in contacting us for help, troubleshooting and so on.

  • We now proactively resolve Microsoft, Adobe, Apple, Mozilla, and Google issues. We tracked dozens of these issues in 2013, you may have found one but we fixed another 23!
  • Availability, performance, configuration, service status and error monitoring to name a few. We likely fixed your site or told you there was a problem before you even knew it.
  • Automated site testing and page snapshots. When someone told us something wasn't right, we looked at the before screenshots! 
  • We've been analyzing usage data, reviewing customer feedback and tracking changes in far more detail than ever before. 
  • Diagnosis and logging enhancements allows us resolve issues more quickly than ever before.
  • We've hired dedicated testing staff and implemented formal testing and configuration management processes.
  • Our support team is paged when we detect a problem, or you contact urgent@scholantis.com.

While you're now receiving updates faster and with far less issues than a typical SharePoint customer we won't rest until we've achieved utility like service. SharePoint is one of the most complex and capable tools in your district, that makes our mission hard, but it also provides a great foundation for technology in your district.

Support Agreement Changes 

Starting in 2014 we will start proactively fixing issues with your websites or portal. While we've discussed this with some of you expect more information on this in the coming months. This would only apply to issues outside of our control such as problems with Windows Server, SharePoint, internet browsers or solutions such as Adobe Acrobat. Being proactive allows us to fix these issues at a fraction of the cost of resolving them on a case by case basis. 

Thanks, and enjoy the Holidays!