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When you send feedback or report an issue it is sent to Scholantis. We collect various information to help understand your feedback or diagnose your problem. Your information is not shared outside of Scholantis and we take all reasonable precautions to ensure your data is protected.

What is Collected?

Below is a list of the key information collected and sent to the Scholantis support system:

  • General Information - Title, description, screenshot (as provided by the user)
  • User Information - Display name, username, email, Active Directory group membership
  • Technical - date/time, page url, correlation ID, server access, browser agent, client operating system and various other server and client details about the current page.

Can I turn off the Feedback feature?

If you're an administrator for your school district we can provide access to feedback report sent by your users.

The feedback tool is actually a valuable diagnostic tool for us, it provides detailed information about problems. It allows us to solve problems more quickly and at less cost to you.

The feedback we receive allows us to improve and fix issues faster than ever before. It helps us to deliver a better experience for users, engaging users more deeply, reducing frustration and allowing us to improve the product faster. If you would still like to disable this feature, please get in touch.