The Custom List View app displays a list or document library using a variety of different display styles; it is used throughout your website or portal to display content. It comes with a wide selection of templates, and with a little HTML knowledge you can create or customize templates for any situation.

Whether you are displaying announcements, events, job posting, policies, FAQs it's all possible!


Add the Custom List View App

Like all apps, you can add or remove the Custom List View app by editing the page, selecting Add an App, and finding Custom List View under the Scholantis category. See Add an App to a Page, to learn more about adding apps.

Many of the other apps under the Scholantis category are saved versions of Custom List View and can be modified in exactly the same way.

Edit the Custom List View App

You can easily configure the Custom List View app to display the items from a list or document library.

To edit an existing Custom List View:

Rename a Custom List

To rename a custom list: