Scholantis Web and Portal sites encompass a rich set of tools that greatly enhance communication, content management and collaboration across all levels of a school district. This guide will help you get the most out of these capabilities by outlining a plan and strategies to engage users and drive adoption. 


A successful launch acts as the basis for engagement with your stakeholders, and addressing the following will help set the conditions for success: 


It takes creativity and effort to engage users beyond site publishers and early adopters, and the following approaches will reach users by showing them the value of the various site features. 

Initial Launch 

Involve as many parts of the district in the launch as possible by: 

Generating & keeping interest

 Once the Web and Portal sites have been in operation for some time, it is critical that they are maintained, which can be done by: 

Transition from reliance on email 

Email is an important and pervasive communications tool, but it locks information into a format that is not easy to explore and maintain. Districts can move this information out of the Inbox through these techniques: 

Shift to electronic forms & processes 

Managing forms in Portal and Web sites is a natural technique to drive adoption as they are ingrained in many processes across a district.  

Learn more about moving towards electronic forms. The first few steps are simple and quick.

Leverage Online Collaboration

Scholantis Portal sites enable easy online collaboration through the group sites feature. Group sites foster the same sense of community as social media networks, but their ease of use brings them within the reach of less tech savvy users.

Support Digital Learning 

As with group sites, Scholantis Portal’s class sites feature allow teachers to manager their classrooms online, but with the privacy and security of being hosted by the district. 

Tools to Understand Habits 

In addition to the individual strategies outlined in this guide, there are several ways to monitor and refine your efforts to drive adoption: