This guide explains what's covered by a Scholantis support agreement, what's not covered and how we respond to problems. 


Our customers cover a wide spectrum of capabilities and resource levels, accordingly we offer a few options depending on how involved you want to be.

A support contract ensures users have the best possible experience, and that your team have the support needed to make that happen. Whether's it improving your solution, protecting against security threats or simply ensuring best practices are followed, we want your users to have the best possible experience.

What's Included?

What's Not Covered

Support Plus

Support Plus provides many of the benefits of cloud computing while maintaining complete control over your data. You provide the hardware, a network connection, electricity and cooling for your servers, we take care of the rest and still receive all the benefits of a regular support agreement.

What's Included?

The Complete Package

If you don't want to manage the physical servers at all we also offer a hosted option which still provides all the benefits of an on-premise solution. You receive all the benefits of a Support Plus agreement without worrying about the servers.

Determining the Source of Problems

If we cause a problem, we'll put it right at no charge. Sometimes we investigate issues that are not our responsibility, such as bugs or other problems with Windows, SQL or SharePoint. Unless it's a Scholantis bug or we made a mistake, any time spent investigating an issue is charged towards your support hours. 

It's often not possible to identify the root cause of a problem until after it's been investigated or the issue has been resolved. Wherever possible we'll try and give you an idea of what might be at fault but can't always be certain. At the end of the day our goal is happy customers, we use our discretion and try to be fair when allocating support hours.

You Scholantis solution is tightly integrated with numerous other systems, whether it is Active Directory, Firewall, VM Ware, Backups, Anti-virus or Load balancer. This can make it extremely difficult to identify the source of an issue, but we always work with your team in good faith to resolve issues quickly, investigating any avenue, even if we might be at fault. We expect the same approach and good faith from our customers.

During the diagnosing of an issue we might identify minor environmental issues. We typically try to address these during the course of our investigation to ensure your system is good condition.