The Content and Structure page within the Site Settings can be used to move pages or features within a single Site Collection, such as within a district site, or within a single school's site.

Use the Content and Structure settings with caution. Anything deleted here is permanent. If you would like assistance or are uncomfortable making changes yourself, please get in touch. In most cases, everything you need to do can be accessed through the Manage Site feature on the page. It is recommended that the Site Content and Structure page be used for moving items only.

Access Site Content and Structure Settings

To access the Site Content and Structure:


Move a Site within a Site Collection

To move a site within a Site Collection:

Move a Page within a Site Collection

To move pages within a Site Collection:

If your page does not display, you may need to use the site Navigation to make it visible in its new home.

Make Pages Visible in the Site Navigation 

To make a newly moved page visible: