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Change the Site's Appearance or Theme

You can also change the appearance of your site using the Setup page.

To access the Setup page:


Add or Remove Site Features

For class and group sites, site features are created and removed using the Settings menu. 

To access the site features:

For a list of all the site features and what they mean, see Create a Class or Group Site.

To add a site feature:

Your site will be updated and the feature added to your site.

To remove a site feature:

Your site will be updated with the feature and any links to it removed.

Student Information

If your school has enabled Scholantis SIS Data Sync, teachers can access student demographics, guardian information, email parents and export all student information into a spreadsheet from the Student Information page.


Change Who Can Access Your Site

Changing who can access your site is done through the Access page.

To add or revoke access for users.

Adding individual users or classes will automatically make them a follower of your site. The site will then be listed under their My Classes or My Groups. Adding a group of users will not make them a follower of your site.

Delete a Site

To delete a site: