About Memos

Memos are designed to communicate targeted policies, bulletins, and other critical information to relevant audiences across your district. Like an announcement, you can include text content and attachments, but with a specific sender and targeted to specific audiences so staff can only see the memos pertinent to them. You can define your audiences, using Active Directory groups or users (e.g., Secondary Principals), and the source department (e.g., Human Resources). 

A live demo of Memos is available on the Scholantis Preview site, please register for the SharePoint User Group for more information.




Memo notifications are shown to all members of the site, not just the users targeted by an individual memo. A future update will improve this behavior.

The memo archive, by default, will show all memos to all site members. If you wish to only show memos targeted at the current user, you can modify the app settings on the Memos Archive page. Memos permissions allow all users of the site to access all items, they are not secured individually.


View and Open Memos

All staff can view memos specific to them. Memos are accessed through your My Site.

To access your memos:

Open a Memo and View Attachment(s)

To open a memo:

Filter Memos by Source

From within the Memos page, you can also filter messages by which department they are from (Source).

To filter memos by source:

You can also filter by both source department and type of memo. Simply open the Action or Information view and then click the filter icon.


Create a New Memo

Administrators create memos using the New memo easy button at the top of the list of memos. If this button does not display, you may not have access to create a memo. 

To create a new memo:

Edit Memos

To edit a memo: