The Gallery offers a place for teachers to store and post images and videos relevant to their class or group site. 

Enable the Gallery

To activate the gallery:

Create a New Album

Once you have added the Gallery, you can post images and videos into albums.

To create a new Photo Album:

Change the Name of an Album

To name, or rename, and album:

Change the Date of an Album

To change an album's date:

Remove an Album

To remove an album:

Upload Images and Videos to an Album

To upload images and video:

Hold down the Ctrl key while you select your photos to upload multiple photos at once.

There are no stills available for videos. Instead, a plain video icon shows as in the image above. However, you can add a caption, see Caption an Image or Video, below.

Remove Images and Videos from an Album

To remove images or videos from within an album:

Caption an Image or Video

To caption an image:

The caption for images displays when you open the image. However, for videos, the caption displays on the album page.


Change the Date (Display Order) for an Image or Video

Within an album, the images display in order of date they were uploaded. The first image becomes the "cover photo" for the album on the Gallery page.

To change the date of an image: