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Student Information

If your school has enabled Scholantis SIS Data Sync, teachers can access student demographics, guardian information, email parents and export all student information into a spreadsheet.


To access Student Information:

  • From the Utility links of your class site, click SETTINGS to activate the Settings menu.
  • Select Student Information from the Settings menu.
  • Alternatively Student Information can be accessed from the Student List

View a Student's Demographic Information

Add classes to your class from the Access settings page (look for the graduation cap) to access student demographic and guardian information from your SIS.

To view student demographic information:

  • Click on the student's name or the down arrow on the right hand side of the student's row. 
  • Click on the student's name or the up arrow to close the student's information.

Email an Individual Parent or Guardian

To email an individual guardian:

  • From within the student's demographic information, click the email link for the parent or guardian you wish to contact.
  • Your email software launches an email message. Simply create your message and send it.

Parent Registration Verification Fields

This section displays the field(s) that parents are asked to enter when they verify their parent portal account. These variables are set by the district.

Export Student Information

You can also easily export all student information, including guardian information, into a spreadsheet.

To export student information:

  • On the Student Information page, click EXPORT STUDENTS.
  • In the Save As dialog box, select where you would like to save the file, and click the Save button.

Problems Accessing Student Information?

  • Student Information is only available if your school has enabled Scholantis SIS Data Sync.
  • You must be a teacher and registered in your Student Information System to access student information.
  • Students must be registered to one of your classes in the Student Information System. 

  • Co-teachers in the Access settings cannot view Student Information unless the students are registered to the co-teachers classes in your Student Information System.