Portal User Guide » District, School, and Department Sites

District, School, and Department Sites

Your portal contains sites that serve many different needs. Below is a synopsis of these various sites: their purpose, intended audience, and some ideas on how you might want to use them.

District Site

The District site is typically available to all staff across the district, including teachers. Some of the things you'll typically find on a district portal site are:

  • District-wide calendar, news, announcements, feature stories, and useful links
  • Electronic forms that can be downloaded or completed online
  • Links and further information about schools, district programs and departments
  • A buy and sell area to list personal items for sale.

District Portal Tips

School Site

School sites are for staff, teachers, and students at a particular school. Some things you'll typically find on a school portal:

  • School calendars, news, announcements, feature stories, and useful links. School administrators can easily publish relevant content from here to the school's public website.
  • Staff room for staff and teacher news, calendars, documents, links, staff directory, away today feature, or newsfeed (to share and discuss activity).
  • Links to Teams & Departments group sites related to your school. School Administrators can add links to group sites to share in the school.
  • School Administrators can store secure documents and related links. Content is only available to the Administrator for that school.

School Portal Tips

  • Staff can sign up for email alerts to stay on top of the latest news.
  • Typically, you can explore school portal sites across your district to see how others are using their portal to communicate and share information.
  • School administrators can easily share and update calendars. Staff can use subscribe to calendars to keep up to date from any computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Department Site

Department sites allow the department staff to share information with other within the department or even with staff across the district. Some things you'll typically find on a department portal:

  • Department documents, forms, calendar, news, and useful links intended for all district staff
  • Documents and quick links which only department staff can access.

Department Portal Tips

  • Sign up for email alerts to stay on top of the latest news.
  • Just like OneDrive or Dropbox, department staff can Sync and edit department files on a computer or mobile device.