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Google Calendar

The Google calendar app allows you to take display a Google calendar anywhere on your portal or web site. 

Adding a Google calendar involves three steps:

  • Add the Google Calendar app (see Add an App to a Page. The Google calendar app can be found in the Scholantis category).
  • Link the Google calendar to your app.
  • Select the Google calendar to display.

Before you begin, be sure to add the Google calendar app to the page. See Add an App to a Page.

Once you have added the Google calendar app to your page, it will look like this:

To configure the Google calendar app:

  • Click the LINK NEW CALENDAR button. A Calendar Settings pop-up displays.
  • Note: If you have already added a calendar, this button will not display. 
  • Click the ADD A CALENDAR button. Your logged-in Google accounts display.
  • Select the Google account you want to use.
  • Click the ALLOW button. 
  • Select the calendar you'd like to add and click the ADD button.
  • Click the SAVE button to save the calendar. 
  • Click the DONE button. 
  • That calendar will be added to a dropdown list for easy reference. You can add as many calendars to this list as you like. Only one calendar will display in the app at a time.
  • Select the calendar you wish to display from the drop-down menu.
  • Click the SELECT button.
  • Click the page's SAVE button to save the page.
  • The calendar now displays.

To view a calendar item's details, click on a calendar item. You may also click the View Calendar link to view the entire calendar. Both instances will send you to a new page.

Add a New Calendar

To add another Google calendar:

  • Edit the Google app. Click the ... (three dots) icon on the top right of the app, and select Edit App from the drop-down menu.

  • Click the Link New Calendar link. A pop-up listing linked calendars displays:
  • Click the ADD button. A list of logged-in Google accounts displays:
  • Select which account you'd like to use, or login to a new one.
  • Select which calendar you'd like to use, and click the ADD button.
  • The new Calendar displays on the bottom with a Calendar Title field. Here, you may enter the displayed title of the Calendar. If you'd like to display events marked private, click the checkbox.
  • Click the SAVE button to save your changes.
  • Click the DONE button to return to the page.
  • Select the new calendar in the Location drop-down field.
  • Click the Apply button.
  • Click the page's SAVE button to save and publish your changes.