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Add an App to a Page

If you are familiar with SharePoint, Apps are the same as Web Parts or App Parts on a page.

Some apps require that you add to them to a page to display data or information associated with the app.

To add an app to a page:

  • Navigate to the page where you want to add the app.
  • Click EDIT in the Utility Links on the top of the page to enter page editing mode.
  • Click Add an App at the position on the page that you wish to add the app. A list of apps will open below the ribbon. 

Under Categories, select the folder the app is in. 

If you added an app to your site, then this would be the Apps folder. If you would like to add a Scholantis app, scroll to the Scholantis folder. A complete list of apps can be found in Recommended Apps.
  • Click on the name of the app you wish to add to your site. 
  • Click the Add button to insert the app.
  • Before saving your changes you may need to edit the settings, see Edit or Delete an App from a Page.
  • When finished Save your changes.
  • Check in your page and Publish your changes. This allows other visitors to see your changes.